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What others are saying about our publication:

"It is a great little book of pictorial record and short and very interesting bits of history concerning America's most renown barnstorming semi-pro team, that were part of baseball history in several of their cutting edge promotional idea. A great book for collectors, the curious, or anyone interested in House of David materials and Americana items of uniqueness."

Ron Taylor--Mary's City of David

"The House of David Baseball Team by Joel Hawkins and Terry Bertolino is one of the Images of America Series by Arcadia Publishing. Hawkins and Bertolino selected over 150 black & white photographs to illustrate the story of these traveling bearded ballplayers from Benton Harbor, Michigan. Also included in the 128-page book is a list of House of David and City of David ballplayers."

The Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) newsletter

"The Israelite House of David was founded in 1903, as a religious colony in Benton Harbor, Michigan. An entrepreneurial group of worshippers, the colony contributed much to the community, including a traveling baseball team that toured the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The almost 200 images collected here by authors Joel Hawkins and Terry Bertolino document the history of this bearded, barnstorming group of baseball players thoughout their careers.

The colony accomplished much within the community and is credited with inventing the automatic pinsetter used in bowling and the first cold storage facility in the country. However, it was the House of David baseball players that caught the nation's attention, with their long hair and beards, which were forbidden to be cut or shaved as a code of their faith. As news of their prowess spread, the team received more and more press thoughout the country. Much like the Negro Leagues of the same period, the House of David baseball players would criss-cross the country, playing with such greats as the Kansas City Monarchs, Pittsburgh Crawfords, and Satchel Paige and his All Stars.

Authors Hawkins and Bertolino, both members of the Society of American Baseball Research, have compiled a collection of images that showcase the adventurous and resourceful spirits of these little-mentioned baseball players. With never before seen photographs, they invite the reader to catch a small glimpse of one of the most entertaining and remarkable barnstorming baseball teams to tour the continent."

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"The House of David Baseball Team. From Joel Hawkins and Terry Bertolino's impressive collection of House of David images, an overview of the bearded baseball sensations that took America by storm."

CBS Sportsline.com Baseball Bookshelf

The unique story of the traveling baseball team created at the Israelite House of David in Benton Harbor, Michigan told in more than 200 rare photographs that document this bearded group that barnstormed throught the U.S., Canada, and Mexico playing against teams like the Kansas City Monarchs, Pittsburg Crawfords, and many others.

The Scholars Bookshelf -- Books on Baseball

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